about us

about us

Out of Contracting Holding Group interest in investment, their continuous search for leading projects, their support for projects investment and the opportunity they offer for entrepreneurs to present their projects without restrictions or complicated terms and to present their projects professionally and under specialized hands before the investors, the idea of Investor Platform was created. 
Investor Platform team receives orders regarding project owners looking for investors to fund their projects, whether they were existing or undergoing projects. They also receive orders from patent holders looking to fund their projects or even anyone who have an idea that needs financial support. It also offers consulting services and integrated solutions, and raises awareness for project holders and investors.

Our goals

     Investors Platform aims to making a safe, attractive and easy to use digital environment without complicated terms and restrictions for the investment. In addition to offering integrated solutions for project owners and investors under one shelter to provide opportunity for project owners to present their projects and to offer a wide variety of investment opportunities for investors.

Our vision

     Investors Platform seeks to being the first platform to provide an attractive digital environment for project owners and investors. Our team is working on offering services for project management and making feasibility study on the scale of the middle east. The platform aims within the next five years to include projects and investors from abroad to keep up with vision 2030 in the field of investment, and support the digital transformation in private sectors.

Presenting the projects for the investors (Funding rounds)

     Presenting an investment opportunity that is limited in time and value after being studied and carefully evaluated by the platform.

Preparing feasibility study

     Feasibility study is analyzing and evaluating a project to decide whether it is possible in all its aspects and is within budget. It also means determining whether the project is profitable in the future, its impact on society and its ability to achieve its goals, and evaluating its revenues and costs.
Feasibility study contains:
·         Marketing feasibility study
·         Technical feasibility study
·         Financial feasibility study
·         Economic feasibility study

Certified financial evaluation

      It is a financial and accounting tool used to determine the financial state of the company in the local market. It is also defined as a method used by financial analysts and management accountants to know the overall financial value of the company. It is associated with determining the values of the assets, the financial commitments and any other financial restrictions related to company. It aims to evaluate the financial position of the company, determine its capability to continue in the economic market within its field of operation and contribute to reaching results that describe the its general state.

Preparing business plans

     Business plans are strategies that offers solutions to problems related to the company, and reinforce the employees' skills and improve their concentration on the company's goals. business plans usually don’t rely on certain time limits.

Preparing and drafting contracts:

     Drafting, studying and auditing contracts is one of the most important legal matters that contractors should consider when making contracts to protect their legal rights and prevent eviction of the contracts' content when needed in case of disagreements.
     The contracts that are being drafted include:
·         Partnership contracts
·         Investment contracts
·         Merger contracts

Preparing and executing marketing plans:

     Our team prepares inclusive marketing plans for all the projects' activities, including structured and organized components.
     The project needs for marketing plans include:
·         eMarketing
·         Making and managing advertising campaigns
·         Writing content
·         Making and managing social media accounts
·         Motion graphics
·         Filming and producing video
Providing technical solutions:
     Offering technical consultation for companies and institutions in the field of programs development and technical support. Also, providing technical solutions and integrated technical services for many clients in various fields.
     The types of technical solutions we provide:
·         Websites
·         Mobile apps
·         Web hosting

Searching for projects not shown in the platform:

     Our team looks for a suitable project for the investor desire.